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We believe that our best lessons have come from our actual successes and mistakes.

Who We Are

Our Mission

We are a team of diverse but like principled people. Our common purpose is to improve the world around us by helping others. We are driven by co-creating sustainable profitable solutions with you; we believe that the direct result of your successes is the quality of the thought that went into it from the outset. We believe in having fun. We don’t believe in “selling” you solutions and we don’t promise to deliver you something that what we can’t commit to-if we are not great in what we do and how we do it- we will tell you and advise you of a better choice. Our successes and personal business and personal life lessons have taught us about humility, humbleness and that money is less important than sustainable results, the right relationships and our reputations.

We don’t believe in nor subscribe to quick fixes.

We believe and practice in trying to leave things better off than when we first started.

We believe that experience has greater value than theory and relationships are long term benefit-not short term gain

We believe and practice in working with people and organisations that believe ego, greed and power are poor substitutes for initiative, thinking and wisdom

Because of this, our mission is to help people and organisations be all they can be, without quick fixes, through initiative, thinking and wisdom and leaving them better off than when we first started and in so doing, build long term relationships

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As a business leader you are constantly under pressure to successfully deal with various operational, tactical and strategic challenges, and to, at the same time, leverage innovative business opportunities to drive business value add.

The new business mantra indeed is to do twice as much with half the resources in half the time, and to repeat this again tomorrow!

In this competitive arena, traditional approaches to strategy, process, structure, people and technology in driving business value are simply not appropriate anymore. Our approach when creating solutions is to align strategy, process, structure, people and technology towards (1) realising business benefits through improved (2) customer loyalty and satisfaction, delivered by (3) high performing people, who work in an (4) optimised work environment, managed by capable, competent and credible (5) leadership towards a common goal and (6) strategy.

In this way, our solutions focus on the key levers that will impact positively on business value add. Our aim is therefore to create sustainable business solutions that leverage business opportunities and address critical business challenges in a value adding way to realise targeted business benefits.













Customer Diagnostics is a management consultancy founded in 1999. Our major focus is on strategy facilitation, strategy implementation and managing strategic change.


Our specialty is in creating practical strategic action plans at the corporate, business unit and team levels - and ensuring these are implemented efficiently and effectively. In recent years, Customer Diagnostics has been increasingly involved in developing, facilitating and providing assistance with implementing complete business transformations, merging of companies, creating strategic alignment between companies and company restructuring. Change management has been a common thread in all of these activities.



Two Old Dogs is a niche Customer, Marketing and Advertising business, run by David and Paul (yes The Two Old Dogs do actually exist) with collectively 50 years advertising and senior commercial experience. We believe that experience matters and we are better placed to assist with brand positioning than those with too many tattoos, piercings, cool hairstyles and the all wearing the same converse takes trying to be different. Different? Try this…


We believe that our best work, is the work that does not win awards, it wins a better customer experience, increases share of market and does so profitably-that’s why you’d be pretty shocked to see how much you can get, for a lot less than you think. You see we don’t want to be the biggest, we want to be the most successful in our solutions for our clients. We also don’t think 1 year of experience repeated 50 times quite cuts it either. We are not everything to everyone and we will be the first to tell you what we can and can’t do. We love working with our clients-they are serious about their businesses, but equally they have fun, they value input and look for the best solution, clients who like the thinking of “why compete with your competitors when all we need to do is compete for the customer”.

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